An exceptional living environment

The city of Amphion-Publier

The city of Amphion-Publier

Located on the border of Lake Geneva, the village of Amphion-Publier has a privileged geographical position.
This exceptional and natural position, between mountain and lake, confers an authentic success on this village, in summer as well as in winter.

The Publier-Amphion village has the largest direct access to the French coast of Lake Geneva, which is favourable to summer bathing (free and supervised beach), to walk and to discover new natural elements (wildlife and flora).

Amphon-Publier offers a large choice of activities which puts it amongst the most beautiful climatic and touristic resort in the Haute-Savoie region!

Between lake and hills, the municipality extends on about 892 hectares and presents two parts:

  • Publier "from above" around the administrative center which extends from Marin to Evian.
  • The plain of Amphion following the lake from Evian to Thonon (Domain of Ripaille, Nature reserve of the delta of Dranse).

So, from top to bottom, Amphion-Publier is a little atypical municipality by the wealth and the variety of the offers she reserves to her inhabitants, and to her happy visitors and vacationers.

ORIGIN of the name PUBLIER

It is thought that the word ''publier'' (''to publish'') comes from the Old French term ''peuplier'' (''poplar tree''), which itself derives from the Latin word ''populus'', meaning the people.

ORIGIN of the name AMPHION

The name Amphion probably comes from the name of a nearby river, Ocion or Ancion, which was then modified and became Amphion.