Yvoire, a medieval village

Yvoire is situated abroad the Leman Lake, it is a must-see for every visitors of the Chablais. Yvoire is one of the most beautiful village in France and it is also well-known for its flowers. What’s more, you can see numerous vestiges and a castle with ramparts in the village.

Ideas of visits :

- Le domaine de Rovorée : La Châtaignière (sweet chesnut trees)

- Le Labyrinthe : Jardin des Cinq sens (Labyrinth : Garden of the five senses)

Evian, a city of water

Evian is situated between lake and mountains. Its natural environment is exceptional, it gives it the reputation of an international touristic resort.

During all seasons, the city offers a multitude of activities and accommodation.

Moreover, its proximity with ski resorts transforms the city in a dream departure to join skiing piste or Green Mountain pastures in summer.

Evian is also famous for its international thermal infrastructures.

You will find here every information about course of treatment, well-being or reshaping.

Ideas of visits :

- Le Palais Lumière (palace)

- L’usine d’emboutaillage (bottling factory)

- Les jardins de l’Eau du Pré Curieux (Gardens of water)

- L’ancienne buvette thermale (the old-style refreshment room)

Thonon, the historical capital of the Chablais

Thonon is an alive city abroad the Leman Lake and at the foot of the French Alpes. The city is famous for its commercial activity, its relaxed atmosphere and its mineral water which supply its thermal establishment.

Moreover, Thonon is a member of “France station nautique” which means it is a nautical resort and a real paradise for the lovers of nautical sports.

Thonon improves its way of life thanks to its numerous leisure activities, its gastronomy and its numerous events.

Ideas of visits :

- Château de Ripaille et sa forêt (castle and forest)

- Le musée du Chablais (museum of Chablais)

- L’écomusée de la pêche et du lac (ecomuseum of fishing and of the Lake)

- La chapelle de la visitation (chapel)